Pure Storage has been the Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in the Solid-State Arrays category for five consecutive years and is an independent storage platform vendor for cloudera (FlashArray, FlashBlade, Cisco co-branded FlashStack converged solution).

Pure has been developing flash systems since 2009, owning 300+ patents, introducing many features and programs that differentiate its products from traditional enterprise storage systems (SSS) manufacturers and are driving real changes in the entire market:

Created Evergreen’s unique business model with a lifetime drive warranty and next generation array upgrade without stopping or migrating data, Pure has eliminated a major issue that customers have been complaining about for years — the cost and complexity of the upgrade. Pure customers no longer need to re-purchase terabytes and change hardware every 3-5 years;
pioneered deduplication and compression in flash storage, catalyzing the massive transition to flash. With an average ratio of 5: 1 across the entire installed base, Pure remains the undisputed leader in this space;
in 2016 announced the world’s first enterprise flash platform for big data FlashBlade. The revolutionary FlashBlade object access system turns big data into fast data, opens the door to iterative analytics in real time, the path to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and advanced simulations of data of any size. Today, FlashBlade runs the world’s most powerful supercomputer for AI-powered problem solving;
Pure Storage announced the world’s first all-NVMe enterprise-class Flash Array // X in 2017;
Created Storage Autopilot, the Pure1® META AI platform that delivers global predictive analytics by collecting and analyzing more than 1 trillion telemetry data per day from an array and providing hands-on management, analytics and support. This is a major breakthrough in AI and ML solutions for the enterprise segment;
in 2019 released the world’s first storage system with front-end NVMe-OF (RoCE), which makes it possible to use external storage systems with all corporate data functionality for modern applications such as MongoBD, Cassandra, MariaDB and Hadoop.

The reliability of Pure systems is extremely high — 99.9999%, inherent in high-end equipment for hosting the most critical applications. Pure has the industry’s highest NPS loyalty index (86.6%) certified by Satmetrix.

Pure Storage is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in Mountain View, USA. Pure Storage has been operating in Russia / CIS and the Baltic countries since 2017, thus, innovations with a revolutionary business model of storage consumption have become available to our market.

UniComm, being a partner in Russia and the CIS, helps to implement and maintain Pure Storage solutions.

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