NetApp – ведущий производитель систем хранения данных, инновационные решения которого помогают компаниям во всем мире обеспечить хранение, управление и защиту своего самого ценного актива – корпоративных данных.

NetApp was founded back in 1992, when to connect to the Internet you had to dial a phone number and wait for clicks and crackles to be heard on the receiver. As a technology company, we went through all the trials, and not only survived, but also succeeded. This is because the company has chosen to specialize in data. Continuous improvement in the management, storage, analysis, protection and movement of IT resources.

Throughout its history, the company has managed to change and grow along with different waves of change. In fact, the company ran to meet these waves and tried to ride them, like Kelly Slater. Their strategy has always been designed to help our clients harness the full potential of new technologies — from going online to helping large enterprise customers in vertical markets and bringing new systems to market. Today, the company strives to unleash the full power of the cloud by partnering with the world’s largest cloud service providers.

UniComm, as an authorized partner of NetApp, offers a full range of modern equipment.

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